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This race is always full of surprises, that is one of the reasons it’s so special.. The suspense created by riders fueled with patriotism, causing a rider to either impress or implode.. With all this drama taking place in qualifying, what will the actual races hold?? Rest assured our team will do us proud, they will give their best effort, that is all we can ask.. If they do not win, credit must go to the ones who do.. We try and hold our riders to a higher standard due to an amazing streak years ago..truth is, the Europeans have proven time and time again they are very fast and among the most talented riders ever on a dirt bike.. What ever the out come of tomorrows race .. we as fans will see just how special all of these riders are as they traverse a very rough motocross course!! Good Luck to Dungey, Martin and Tomac.. Hit them with your best shot!!

Congrats to the French team for collecting the Chamberlain Trophy! They rode awesome and deserve to hoist it high!! Next year they will be very proud with their riders carrying the 1-2-3 plates as they host the 2015 Moto of Nations!! 
Another podium finish for the USA team!! Congrats to our guys for giving us their best!! By no way am I disappointed, this race is much harder than most think.. and in this format a little luck needs to fall your way… we can not just show up and expect to dominate…
My take is the European riders are very talented and always ride this event with a chip on their shoulder, as they all read the bashing of the GP series and riders.. This week end they showed the world just how fast they are… Looking forward to next year!!

While fans can be disappointed and every one has their own take.. I for one am proud of our team! They gave their best effort Tomac, Dungey and Martin, but on that day, the French team was simply better.. No shame in that … for those who grew up watching the streak of wins in the 80’s, they expect to win easily..I grew up watching us struggle in the 70’s the Europeans dominated..they are and always have been great riders..give credit where it is due…there can always be just one winner and losing helps you appreciate victory even more…life goes on and next year is all we can look forward to …

How can we be better?? I do agree with those that say our tracks are groomed to much in between motos..and I think the premier class should run second, giving them the roughest surface of the day to race on.. I don’t know if that is the answer or not, but I think it would sure help..

Next…Motocross of Nations

  The Motocross of Nations..sometimes called the “Olympics of Motocross” is just a couple weeks away.. It is a special event and I look forward to it each year…the US  began racing in the event in the early 70’s .. fielding a team of our best riders, sending them to a foreign land.. to race on a track, unlike any thing they had ever seen..against the mighty Belgian, German, Sweden, Dutch and Untied Kingdom teams.. to say we were the underdogs would be a huge understatement..

  Then something strange happened in 81..Four American riders, unexpectedly made history by actually beating the indomitable European teams.. and each year there after, we would do it again..we won an incredible 13 in a row from the originators of motocross…over that same time span became a race of US vs Them..Europeans just wanting any team to beat us..which they did.. the streak came to an end in 94.. the next 11 years.. would see us win only twice…96 and 2000…

 In 2005, we won the Chamberlain trophy back and promptly went on another win streak..reeling off 7 more wins.. each win adding pressure to the riders that came after.. just as it did in our first win streak..riders did not want to be on the team that would eventually lose.. letting an entire nation down..we Americans fans began to feel invincible once again… victory was not just expected.. it was the only result acceptable… but the inevitable happened..we were defeated in 2012 and once again in 2013..

 This year we go into the race as favorites..our now familiar role.. for one of our riders, it will be his 6th straight appearance..Dungey, who lead our team to 3 straight wins, wants to atone for his seemingly lackluster performances the last two years..for another it will be his 2nd consecutive Nations race..Tomac, who crashed while trying to take the lead in his don’t have to win each moto ..its overall finishes, of 3 riders, in two motos.. and for our other rider.. it is his very first appearance over seas..Martin goes in wanting to be solid and not make any mistakes..knowing he can’t get overwhelmed by the venue’s crowd and majesty of the moment...

  The entertaining banter between the US and the Euros has already began on the message boards and RacerX’s “The Conversation” section .. as the event gets closer the predictions will become bolder and the trash talk nastier .. ancestry will be discussed .. fans will exaggerate their riders virtues and diminish the abilities of the others..all in the name of national pride..but the race deserves better…The MXDN is a huge part of our history..when those first riders met.. it was in the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.. it was to display to the world how talented the riders really were..

   With all the problems this world is presently faced with.. the anger and hate displayed against one another daily..makes this race even more important… it proves you can bring together a diverse group of nations.. who will put aside their differences all for a common celebrate the brotherhood of motocross…in doing so .. it shows that with a little common ground.. and a little effort ..we can all co-exist on this small planet ..acting the way motocross racers do in their little corner of the treating each other with respect ..rather than contempt…


Looking forward

  The way I see it, we fans have 3 things to look forward to..The Motocross of Nations,The Monster Cup and the Red Bull Straight line Challenge. 

  The Nations race is part of history, it is an respected event that every one is honored to be a part of. Individual glory is out the window, a win for your country is the goal. Over the years, the USA has had a pretty good run, winning more than any other country. The last couple years have been bitter sweet, podium finishes, while not bad, not what we have grown to expect from our team. This year, once again we send a strong team, one expected to stand atop the podium when the event is over.. If that happens the world order will seemingly be restored, at least in the eyes of the Americans..

   The Monster Cup is just the opposite of the Nations race. There are not any team tactics, it is all about the chance to win the biggest purse offered, $1,000,000! That is a life changing amount of money, one that a rider will push the envelope a bit further for..risk becomes just a word and speed is the goal. Win 3 motos and you walk away a rich racer, and truth be told there are not a lot of them to be found..

   The new kid on the block is the Red Bull Straight line Challenge. No turning skills needed, just haul ass over whoops and jumps to be the first rider to reach the end of the course! Some think it is silly, while others like me look forward to seeing some thing new. It will be entertaining to watch the worlds best racers adapt to the new format. It will become the next big thing for off season entertainment…

Sad, but true

  The 2014 racing season has come to a close. The next few weekends will be for doing all the honey do’s I have put off over the summer. The lawn is shaggy, the hedge needs trimmed and the wood furniture needs a coat of paint…Ugh..guess I will get busy, but first lets look back at the last race!

  “Tenacious Trey” found the right mixture of Comfort and Confidence to finally take an over all! Canard rode to his full potential, leaving the championship battle behind him. He will be caring some serious momentum into next year having won 4 of the last 5 motos..

  The Locomotive came up a little short each moto and in the championship chase, 2nd best was all Ryan could do. Nothing wrong with that, Dungey did his best each and every time out and has no one to blame except himself, those small tip overs through out the season stole points from him. Next year, Ryan will be back again, stronger smarter and ready to challenge for both titles in 2015…

  “Sly Eli” never found the magic he possessed at Spring Creek, where he ran away from the field, but like Dungey he was only outside the top 4 once, the muddy Indiana race. If Tomac had been there all season long this championship may be going to some one else, Eli had that much impact on the racing..

  “The Rocket’, a nickname Kenny likes, rode like the champion he is all season. Never did he finish out of the top 4, he won 8 motos, had 9 seconds, 4 thirds, and 3 fourths. That score card shows how solid and consistent this young man is. Congratulations to the German transplant for taking the 2014 American Outdoor Championship!!

  “Magic Martin” finished the year off the way it began, by pulling a disappearing act both motos. While his championship was locked up last week, Jeremy rode like he had to win in Utah. Next year he will not sneak up on anyone, he will be the one very one is gunning for, but I bet he still has a few tricks up his sleeve and he will need them to retain the title as the field will be stacked once again..

 ”Blazing Blake” fell short of his 2014 goal, regain the title, but it was not for lack of effort. Baggett was very fast on many occations, but it takes more than speed, you have to have good starts and in that area he needs to improve or he may not ever win another championship. The competition is just to good to spot them that much real estate each week..

'Super Cooper” matured a lot this year, in both his riding and his attitude. The “Professor” has been working with him for a few years now and it is paying off for Webb. A few bad moto's took him from 2nd overall to 3rd, next year he will be back stronger, faster and more determined than ever and that has to a scary thought for the rest of the class..

"The Candyman" started the season not quite a 100% due to off season injuries, but you could see him get better each week. Marvin is so smooth on the rougher tracks. He glides around the track finding the best lines, if he can come into 2015 healthy, Musquin could be Martins biggest threat steal the championship trophy away.

  Sadly, the season has come to a close. Only Dungey, Martin and Tomac will be back at it next week, the rest of the cast of the Great Outdoors will be taking some well deserved time off. For the rest of us, we will be busy doing the things we put off this summer to watch motocross on Saturday afternoon. Oh well all good things must come to an end…Thanks for reading my BS!! Now I have to go mow the yard or weed eat or trim the hedge or….

These 4 ended up being the best riders of the 2014 Great Outdoors!!

Photo 1. Roczen giving me the evil eye!!

Photo 2. Dungey wondering why I had to take a pic of him!

Photo 3. Canard giving me his best serious look!

Photo 4. Tomac just bore with me!

Why is it I bring out the best in these guys!! …lol

One and Done!!

   Saturday will bring to an end the 2014 version of the Great Outdoors. We have seen 6 different moto winners in the 450 class, Grant, Dungey, Roczen, Stewart, Tomac and Canard. In the 250 class there have been 7 moto winners, Martin, Baggett, Webb, Anderson, Musquin, Pourcel and Nelson. It has been a few years since we have had that many winners in a single season. So in my opinion it has been a really good year to be a fan!!

   Roczen comes in with a sizable lead over Dungey for the 450 Championship. All he needs to do is keep it on two wheels and not lose 21 points to his KTM teammate. Basically, a couple of 4ths and the title is his to take to RCH Suzuki next season. Dungey is not with out hope, he has been around long enough to know wild things happen in this sport, a chain can jump off, a bike can run out of fuel or an electrical gremlin can emerge at any moment. So while Roczen is busy worrying about all the things that can go wrong, Dungey will be worrying about only one thing, himself and riding to his potential. Mean while we will see if Canard, whose C&C (Comfort&Confidence) is at an all time high, can keep the momentum rolling, having won 2 of the last 3 motos. Then their is Tomac who would like to win a couple more motos and go out with a bang. Eli looked like a world beater at Spring Creek, but since then he has not found the top of the box. The one thing Eli wants to avoid at all costs is a bad outing, Shorty could pass him and finish top 5 in points which would make the Smiling Assassins day..and season. See there is some suspense going into the last round of the 450’s!

  The battle for 2nd overall in the championship is what is up for grabs in the 250 class. Only 7 points separate Baggett, Webb and Musquin. Of the 3, Marvin has had the most success over the last 4 races, seemingly once he got healthy. A second place finish would be one spot higher than last year,where he also finished ahead of Baggett and Webb. My pick and a long shot for the win would be Bogle. Justin has had some great rides this year, garnering holeshots, leading laps, but has not put it all together yet…for some reason, I think it could be his day to shine.

   Well folks it is your last chance for 9 months to watch a live outdoor motocross race, so go to Utah, if you can or be like most of us and pull up a chair, enjoy the races and root for your favorite rider on Saturday!! Thanks again to all of you who have taken time to read my BS..I hope you have been entertained and enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoy writing it!!

The Elements - Fans - Thanks

    Rain, Wind, Heat and Humidity, all elements that can effect the out come of a motocross race. The rain we saw last weekend seems to favor those who grew up racing in wet climates. Musquin, Pourcel, Roczen and Noren all looked quite at home on the slippery surface having come from Europe, where they have raced many a time in the muck. They are not quite as adapt at racing in high temps or sweltering humidity, that is more up Tomac or Dungey’s wheelhouse, because that is what they grew up facing as racers. Simply put, weather conditions effect the outcome of every outdoor motocross race, some just more noticeably.

  Fans are funny, when rain threatened to come at a couple of the last un-domed stadiums in supercross, many posted they hoped the rain stayed away, as it would be a shame to see mud race drastically change the standings. Yet, the same posters now say how welcome a mud race was with 2 to go. It separates the riders, allowed their true riding skills to shine through, even though it did drastically change the point standings. Moral is, the only time you want something drastic, is when it is going to help the rider your pulling for. 

   It is a shame that the 2014 season will wrap up on Saturday. We will be faced with several months of the same ole posts…My rider won because he is so great and this rider lost cause he is so poor..when the fact is.. each and every rider who lines up is to be applauded! While it is true only a handful have a chance to win and even fewer yet to be a champion, they are all very talented and are giving a tremendous amount of effort just to make the starting gate. My helmets off and a big THANKS goes to all of the riders who competed in the Great Outdoors, I appreciate all the hard work, sacrifice and dedication it takes to show up each week and compete. If not for them my favorite sport would not be where it is today, collecting mainstream attention and on television each week for my entertainment. 

Thanks for taking to read my BS!!

One Race and One Title to Go, Please!!

  Wow, how quickly things change..On Friday the Crawfordville facility had a beautifully manicured track and we had a closely contested points battle in the 450 division. Saturday morning the manicured track quickly turned into a muddy quagmire that would alter the points dramatically.

  Since Red Bud, things have not exactly been going Roczen’s way. His riding has been good, but not great, thus Kenny had to feel a bit of relief when the rains started to fall, knowing he was the most familiar with racing in those type conditions. Conversely, Dungey surely began to feel a bit apprehensive after practice, sitting in 12th place, some 5 seconds slower than his teammate and championship rival…and that is how the day went..  Roczen looked comfortable in the slop, while Dungey seemed to flounder. Even in the first moto, when Ryan worked his way up to second, he never looked at ease or had any flow in the muck. Conversely Roczen was standing on the pegs, even doing a few of the doubles. By the end of the day Kenny’s slim 7 point cushion had swelled to a 20 point gap..making things look bleak for Dungey’s Championship aspirations…but it is not over, there is one more race to go, and as we have seen, strange things can happen in this sport we call motocross..

  { Interesting fact or two.. in the second moto of the top 20 only 6 riders moved forward and that was mainly do to crashes by others..Euros are good in mud..Roczen was not the only Euro comfortable in the mud..Freddy Noren had two solid rides going from 27th to 9th in the first moto and following that with a 20th to 8th in the second moto.}

  One title was wrapped up in Indiana, the 250 Outdoor crown goes to Jeremy Martin! Congratulations to Jeremy, his team and to his family! Early in the year when things did not go as planned in suprecross, they kept their heads up, worked hard and righted the ship..They showed up at Glen Helen more prepared than the rest of the field and impressively held the red plate from then on. Truly a great performance from a wonderful young man..look for many more titles to come his way during his career!!

   Now only the finale looms before us..Can Dungey do the impossible and take the title out of Roczen’s grasp or will Kenny become the 3rd rookie to take the title..Only way to find out is tune in next week and cheer for your favorite rider as the 2014 Great Outdoors will come to a close…Thanks for taking time to read my BS!!!